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We at PRIMA Hellas offer a continuously up to date range of security products regarding to end user protection at competitive prices. With a umber of highly skilled technicians / installers we can provide security services that can safeguard your belongings and can match your needs and budget.

Wired and wireless security systems

Do you have a small office or a big warehouse?

Our company offers a range of security systems that you need. 
They vary from simple wired systems with a siren to hubrid (wired & wireless) that are connected to a Central Monitoring Station. 

Call us at the design phase of your premises so that the wired systems can best be integrated. Alternatively we can offer wireless security systems in order to have minimum  fuss in the existing area and decoration.

What we offer:

  • Area survey and analytic technical and economic offer
  • Systems that can match your budget
  • 24h support (contract based)
  • Total services from design to installation, programming and maintenance.


  • Use of well known brands and not cheap no name ones.
  • 3 year warranty (excluding batteries)
  • In existing systems it is possible to allow monitoring by interconnecting to a CMS.



The CCTV systems is the way to go regarding the security of your business premises.

The use of CCTV acts in a way as to reduce possible break in and in case this takes place, it can be used by law enforcement agencies to investigate the issue.

How big should a CCTV system be?
We work along with our customers in order to achieve the best possible coverage if the area within the budget that is set. Several solutions can be discussed from one to multiple cameras. In all cases video images are recorded in hard disks for easy access and transfer to an external medium.

How can I see in my premises while I am away?
With the use of smartphones, laptop or/and desktop computers you can remotely access your system.

CMS for video
It is possible to have the option to connect the CCTV system to a CMS for remote 24h surveillance. In this way you can also reduce physical security costs. 


Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems save lives and properties.
In all the business areas there should be a fire detection system installed. Wrongly designed and installed systems that do not provide adequate protection may prove very costly at the end.

What we offer:

  • Site survey with analytic technical and financial offer
  • Complete service from design to installation and maintenance.
  • Cover your needs based on your budget
  • Fully certified products
  • 24h support (according to support contract))

We can provide and install in your premises:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Temperature rise detectors
  • Manual activation systems for fire
  • Fire alarm systems


Why the use of CMS is necessary for fire alarm systems?

Fire alarm systems can be connected to a CMS.

If we have a fire in your business premises, it will be very important to notify the fire department immediately. This will help save your belongings and possible people’s life. It will also help prevent the fire from spreading to neighbouring owners. Imagine if your neighbour can also prevent the fire from spreading if they notify the fire department as early as possible.

Access control

An access control system provides:

  • Increased security and better control on who enters and exits a site
  • Reduced risk for thefts and destructions
  • Reduced need for use of expensive keys and locks that will have to be replaced in case of break in. With an access control system o lost card simply means wiping out from registry.
  • Easy access to multiple areas based on who is allowed to enter where.
  • Registration of the person and time of entry/exit
  • Option to interconnect with a time attendance system as well as employee payment.


Multiple office use
When many offices are used, it is possible to assign access per person per area.

Easy access to an area by using automatic doors
It is possible to interconnect the access control system with a gate  and automate entry exit.

Why do I need a maintenance contract?
•    Increased system operation level and thus less probable false alarms.
•    Less costs compared to urgent calls.
•    Guaranteed response time in 24H basis.
•    High discounts in case something goes wrong.

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