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What is PRIMA Swifi

PRIMA Swifi is a solution allowing companies to offer part of their internet capacity to their customers for as long as they wish, this being a configurable option.

Free access to WiFi in company premises is a service that many people are looking for even during coffee time.

The most common access process offered today by companies is the use of a code that is usually the telephone directory number. This approach cannot deter third parties to use the WiFi network and of course use part of the existing access internet capacity, thus slowing down the internet speed real customers can enjoy.

It has also been noticed that many customers are simply give out this process for accessing the WiFi network. Others prefer visiting competing companies just because the wireless network is unlocked.

It is this access process that PRIMA Swifi simplifies.

It is about an infrastructure that is installed in the company premises that allows connection to the internet without entering any access code but instead to prompt the customer to use the social media. Now the customer can give a nice “like” in the company’s facebook page or provide an email for futire communication purposes as well as getting an access code.

A company in this way offers an additional service to its visitors/customers and in addition it triggers with the use of social media its marketing promotion.

In this way the use of PRIMA Swifi can be used to address existing and new customers at any time without any cost.

Depending on the needs of a company it is possible to send promotional content via SMS and/or email to all registered customers.

The design architecture of PRIMA Swifi allows configurations where rights are defined for users as well as curtomers / visitors. In addition it is possible to play popo ups with advertisement campaigns, streaming and announcements through the login page.

Further to the above, a public owned company can show its work, allowing the option for advertisements, promote forthcoming events, inform tourists, announce weather forecast, bus service, and many more.   

All the companies making use of PRIMA Swifi  have the ability to get full statistics regarding the application use: 

  • Connection durationΏρες σύνδεσης
  • Total number of connections
  • Daily sales
  • Total Download/Upload
  • New users
  • New users from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Many more important and detailed statistics in number or graphics form.


Target customers

PRIMA Swifi that is provided by our company in a way that offers flexibility in supporting many types of enterprises / companies. In this way we fully support:

Cafeterias, Playgrounds, Bars, Clubs, Amusement Centers, Restaurants, Fast foods, Hotels, Beauty shops, Moles, Movie theaters, Municipalities and Communities.


What is achieved with the use of PRIMA Swifi ?

Knowing your guests
Engaging with guests
Making customers come back


Security Issues


Provision of free internet to customers / guests may cause a potential danger to companies that do so. For example access to certain websites that are promoting terrorist activities is an issue since the IP that is used is the one of the company offering the WiFi access. Police authorities only know the IP address from which these sites have been accessed.

If the company responsible is asked by police authorities to prove who accessed these sites it is practically impossible.

The PRIMA Swifi application records the data of the computer, laptop, tablet of smartphone that is accessing the internet at any time. In this case, the company responsible will only have to deliver to the police authorities a list of all devices that had access to the internet on the date and time of interest (MAC addresses).


Pricing Policy

The PRIMA Swifi is made up of two costs:

  • The once off cost for the customer equipment and the registration.
  • Annual subscription cost.

Where ever is needed our company can provide radio coverage study and install the proper equipment in order to fully cover any area with WiFi signal.



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