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Access Control

Access Control Our company offers systems for access control in entry and exit. Formal process of Entry and Exit: • The door is equipped with appliance of recognition (proximity reader). In order to allow the entry, the individual should keep the card/key in front of the reader • The reader once it reads the card, transfers the information in the control unit that in turn... More


Area surveillance The closed circuit of television (CCTV) allows the user to see the all incidents in the supervised space. The CCTV cannot prevent a crime from taking place, but it can deter somebody from committing one. Moreover the video that has been recorded it can constitute an exceptional source for the police investigating theincident. ·     ... More

Security system

Alarm There are many reasons for installing an alarm system in an area. One of the reasons is the reduction of probability of theft taking place, but also the reporting of the event to a monitoring station. Security systems operate with the so called zones, that are from electrical point of view earth loops. Each zone can have certain characteristics such as being a 2... More

Central Monitoring

CMS An installation of a security system without interconnection to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and only using a siren does not only constitute any serious security operation. The CMS allows on a 24-hour basis the complete monitoring of the protected area as well as possible problems (e.g. power failure that remains for very long time) that will have to be checked. &n... More

Biometric Systems

Biometric Systems Biometric systems are used mainly for access control. Instead of the use of some card the user is checked biometrically (for example with his of the fingerprint). Other technologies allow the recognition of a person by face, iris or even voice recognition. All these technologies differ in prices and possibilities. More

Advice for security managers of crowded places

Advice for security managers of crowded places 1.    Introduction  The aim of this advice is to provide advice to security managers of crowded places following the recent terrorist attacks. There are a number of operational and tactical options you may wish to consider. Terrorism threat levels are designed to give a broad indication of the likelihood ... More

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